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Blue dried industrial sludge in cakes

Thickening, dewatering & drying

Thickening and dewatering operations separate water from sludge mechanically. Drying removes water by evaporation, and stabilises the sludge. In all cases a reduction in the sludge volume results, reducing conveyancing costs. Topic overview
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Sludge stabilisation

Sludge stabilisation − alkaline stabilisation, lime and solids dosing, as well as anaerobic and aerobic digestion. Topic overview
Amorphous granules of sludge (torrefied sewage sludge)

Thermochemical processes

Thermochemical methods are used for either significantly reducing the sludge solids content, or pre-treating sludge upstream of anaerobic digestion to increase the biodegradability of the organic carbon. They can be either oxidative or non-oxidative. Topic overview
Wastewater aeration ponds - the different stages, looking from above

Sludge quality

Sludge is the main waste stream from the treatment of wastewater. Its characteristics depend on both the original feedwater quality and the type of the unit operation from which the sludge is discharged. Topic overview

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