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Sludge dewatering

Sludge activated treatment: belt press

Introduction to sludge dewatering

Dewatering processes provide a concentrated, consolidated product − retaining most of the solids from the original sludge – along with a diluted stream which is predominantly water.

Dewatering processes apply a significant mechanical force to achieve increased water removal over that possible from thickening.

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Filter press, tons per hour Source: Crystal Lakes / YouTube

How does a filter press work?

Animated representation to show the workings of a filter press for sludge dewatering

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Microwave drying of sewage sludge: performance and energy demand

Microwave drying of mechanically-dewatered sewage sludge presents an alternative to the conventional convective and conductive thermal drying technologies. MW drying offers higher throughput capacities, and may be viable at smaller scales.

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