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Header/footer advertising

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Header/footer banners:

  • are premium banner advertising slots
  • have high impact across every page of the website, including the Home page
  • are randomised adverts to keep them fresh
  • advertisers have complete flexibility over their artwork design.

How it works:

  • there are three header/footer banner advert slots on every web page
  • at each page view, three banners are randomly selected for display from a 'pot' of header/footer adverts
  • the 'pot' is limited to a maximum of six header/footer adverts from different companies
  • banners may appear in either the header or the footer slots, or may not appear at all on a particular page view.
Element Details
Number of header/footer slots per pageThree (1 x header; 2 x footer)
ExtentSitewide, including the Home page
ArtworkSupplied by the client, allowing flexibility of design
Links toAny nominated page on your website
How they workAdverts are selected at random from the 'pot' of adverts. Adverts may appear in either the website header or the footer, or not at all on a particular page view. There is no preferential order as to which company's advert is displayed in which slot.
Maximum number of adverts in the potSix
Length of booking12 months (or less by negotiation)
Client suppliesAdvert artwork and link url
Design specification:
Element Detail
Design size − supply your artwork at this size1456 x 180 px
Render size − this is the size your advert will display on our website728 x 90 px
Design notesYour artwork will display at half the size of the artwork you supply. This is for retina displays.
Please ensure any wording on your artwork is readable at half the size of your artwork.
We recommend that your most important message (text or logo) appears top left on your artwork, for rendering on mobile devices
Acceptable formatsjpg or png
NotesAnimated gifs are not accepted for reasons of accessibility and performance
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