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Companies who can demonstrate they are active in the sludge processing sector are welcome to be included in our directories: Sludge products | Sludge services | Sludge case studies.

You can select to be set up as a free (basic) listing or as a sponsored (enhanced) listing (What's the difference?).

In essence, sponsored listings include enhanced content options such as image galleries, social media links and links to your website.

How to get listed in our sludge directories

Step 1. Get set up as a company

Company pages form the backbone of our Sludge products, services and case studies directories. Complete this form and send it to We will set you up on our system and you can then move on to Step 2.

Step 2. Decide how you would like to be listed

Once your company page is set up, we will invite you to confirm:

If you choose sponsored listings, this will apply for 24 months and across all our directories. There is no limit to the number of directory entries you can add. We recommend you set up one entry per 'product group' or 'service group', and you will need to complete one form for each group. All products and services must be directly related to sludge processing and we reserve the right to refuse and edit entries.

Step 3. Complete your forms

Complete the relevant forms (MS Word documents) and return them to us at to get listed:

Free listings:

Sponsored listings:

In addition to your forms, you may send us your company logo and any product, services or case study images to accompany your listing.

You don't have to do all your forms at the same time. Once your company is set up on our system, you can send us product, services and case studies forms at any time (but remember that if you choose sponsored listings, these are valid for 24 months from your initial booking start date).

We recommend that you complete the forms as fully as possible as this will ensure you are searchable on our website.

We will invoice you for your sponsored listing (and the 24 month clock will start) once your first listing has gone live.

Step 4. Consider advertising with us!

Why not?! You can find out more about advertising with us by visiting our advertise with us page, or by contacting us for more information. We have options for the smallest to the more generous budget!

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