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Research abstracts

Selections of recent research abstracts and research papers on specialist topics relating to sludge processing. If you've found an interesting paper, or there's a topic you think we should add, let us know on

Sludge waste 2
10 September 2022

Life Cycle Assessment of sludge − ten research papers

Life cycle assessment (LCA) takes account of the total potential environmental impacts of products, services or installations during their entire life cycle. In sludge processing there is extensive research into extracting resources or value from sludge.

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Image of a chimney stack belching smoke against a grey sky.
06 February 2022

Incineration − ten research papers

Our ten research papers on sewage sludge incineration cover topics like pollutant fate; leaching of metals from the ash product; recovery and reuse; a cost/energy comparison with anaerobic digestion, and a life cycle analysis of sludge disposal options.

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Whispy swirls of blue on a black background
10 May 2021

Centrifugation − ten research papers

Ten abstracts from research papers relating to centrifugation of sludge: our selection includes resource recovery, impact of sludge properties (including conditioner effects), and novel process demonstration/optimisation at full scale.

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Slice through an egg-shaped anaerobic digester
01 March 2021

Upgrading AD biogas − ten research papers

Ten abstracts from research papers relating to increasing the calorific content (methane and/or hydrogen concentration) of biogas: our selection includes a review article and a full-scale case study, authored by research groups from across the world.

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