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Sludge blog

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13 December 2021

How much is sludge worth?

The UK regulator OFWAT has introduced legislation based on the notion of sludge as a resource. Its value is often expressed in terms of calorific content, and the phosphate is also potentially recoverable. But how exactly should sludge value be quantified?

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Random equations, for blog on SI vs US units
22 November 2021

US vs SI units: a conversation on conversion

For the mechanical parameters of mass, length, time, flow rate, density, viscosity, force, pressure, energy and power, adherence to US units imposes unnecessary barriers in understanding their inter-relationships based on the governing physical laws.

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PFAS molecule
19 April 2021

How do you solve a problem like PFAS?

PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are generated from the breakdown of fluorinated polymers. The activation barrier for their breakdown is huge and the only fully commercialised processes possibly capable of destroying PFAS are thermochemical ones.

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Blog eu biosolids disposal header
14 January 2021

Biosolids vs sewage sludge

Biosolids are usually considered to be the useful fraction of the sewage sludge. They are generally higher in solids concentration and lower in pathogen content, having gone through a stabilisation process such as chemical dosing, digestion and/or drying.

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