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Sludge conditioning

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Introduction to sludge conditioning

Sludge thickening and dewatering processes normally require pre-treatment to assist the separation of the water from the solids. This pre-treatment is referred to as conditioning, which takes the form of either:

  • chemical conditioning, by dosing with inorganic coagulants (such as iron or aluminium) and/or organic flocculants (or polymers), or
  • thermal conditioning by heating the sludge under controlled conditions.
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The CAMBI hydrothermal sludge treatment process Source: CAMBI THP / YouTube

Hydrothermal sludge treatment

A short animation of the Cambi THP Process and how Cambi enhances anaerobic digestion of waste to make biogas.

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Fig. 4.  SP filtrate and acidified sludge samples

Phosphorus recovery by sludge acidification and dewatering

A pilot-scale Danish study of phosphorus extraction from acidified anaerobic and aerobic sludge samples has revealed removal to be more effective from anaerobic sludges, even though the digested sludge alkalinity increases the total acid demand.

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