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Thickening, dewatering & drying

Sludge drying refers to processes where moisture is removed from sludge as water vapour. These processes often require pre-treatment ('conditioning'). With sludge thickening or dewatering, moisture is removed as a liquid.

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Belt filter press Alfa Laval Source: Alfa Laval / YouTube

Belt filter press Alfa Laval

Animation to demonstrate the operating process of the Alfa Laval AS-H G3 belt press for sludge dewatering. This belt press can handle high volumes, and is used in both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.


Thickening, dewatering & drying features and blogs

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Anaerobic digestion optimization through thermal hydrolysis pre-treatment

Pre-treatment of sludge by thermal hydrolysis upstream of anaerobic digestion is used to improve AD efficiency. A study looked at (pre-)commissioning data for a full-scale AD installation undergoing upgrading with TH to assess the basis for optimisation.

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