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Have you considered advertising on We offer a range of advertising options to suit a variety of budgets − from sitewide banner advertising to opportunities to advertise on specific pages. For some options, you don't even need to send us artwork.

1. Sitewide advertising


These are premium banner advertising slots, presented in the page header/footer. These slots have high impact across every page of the website, including the Home page, and advertisers have complete flexibility over their artwork design. At each page view, three banners are randomly selected for display from a 'pot' of six header/footer adverts.

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The megamenu banner appears on the website's main drop down menu, accessible via every web page. This is an exclusive slot, dedicated to one company, and advertisers have complete flexibility over their artwork design.

Note: the actual advert render size is slightly smaller than illustrated here − see the megamenu for actual size

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Display banners appear in either the right-hand side of a page or in the body of a page. There are three display banner slots on every page, and adverts are randomly selected from a 'pot' of eight adverts to keep them fresh. Display adverts appear on every page of the website, including the Home page, and advertisers have complete flexibility over their artwork design.

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2. Focused (single page) advertising

Advertise blended tile example

Sponsored tiles are 'images + link text' adverts, available to book on the main Home page, and also on the topic Home pages, e.g. Sludge dewatering. Tiles are designed to blend with existing content on the page and require no artwork. They come in different styles and you can choose to book selected pages most relevant to your business.

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Sponsored links appear in the main body of a web page, blended within the text. No artwork is required, and advertisers can choose from four different styles. You choose the specific page(s) that you wish your sponsored link to appear on, subject to availability. You will then have exclusive use of that page for the duration of your booking.

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3. Directory listings

Companies who can demonstrate they are active in the sludge processing sector are welcome to be included in our directories: Sludge products | Sludge services | Sludge case studies.

You can choose between free (basic) listing and sponsored listings − sponsored listings include enhanced content options such as image galleries, social media links and links to your website.

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4. How to book an advert

Step 1 − Tell us your requirements

Please contact us on in the first instance. We can help you decide on the best advertising strategy to suit your needs and budget.

Step 2 − Send us your artwork and links

Once you have confirmed you would like to book your advert with us, we will request that you send us your advert artwork, image and your link text (as appropriate), together with the url that you would like your advert to link to on your company website. We will advise you of what you need to send us and all specifications at the time of booking.

Step 3 − Receive our invoice

Once your advert is published, we will send you our invoice. We request payment by international bank transfer in GBP sterling, please. You are free to change your advert artwork, image or the link url at any time during the advertisement period, for example to promote a particular event. Just send your amends to and we will action your changes as soon as possible.

Please note that by booking an advert space you are accepting our Advertising terms and conditions.

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