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Thermochemical processes

Thermochemical methods are employed for either significantly reducing the sludge solids content, or pre-treating sludge upstream of anaerobic digestion (AD) to increase the biodegradability of the organic carbon. When operated at elevated temperatures, i.e. for solids destruction rather than for AD pre-treatment, they provide energy recoverable either as heat (for oxidative processes) or a combustible gas or liquid (non-oxidative processes).

Thermochemical processes related videos

Benenv's products and services for wastewater and sludge treatment − a showcase Source: Joseph Chahwan / YouTube

Benenv's products and services for wastewater and sludge treatment − a showcase

A showcase for Jiangsu Benenv Environmental Protection Co., Ltd's products and services for wastewater and sludge treatment.

Products include the elliptical Wave Separator and the Multi Disk Screw Press for sludge dewatering, the super sludge dryer, and the sludge carbonization furnace. Services include process design, and equipment supply and installation.


Thermochemical processes features and blogs

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Anaerobic digestion optimization through thermal hydrolysis pre-treatment

Pre-treatment of sludge by thermal hydrolysis upstream of anaerobic digestion is used to improve AD efficiency. A study looked at (pre-)commissioning data for a full-scale AD installation undergoing upgrading with TH to assess the basis for optimisation.

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