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Sludge thickening and dewatering processes normally require pre-treatment to assist the separation of the water from the solids. This pre-treatment is referred to as conditioning, which takes the form of either chemical dosing or thermal treatment.

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Swingmill sludge dewatering mechanical process Source: Dewlink Sludge Treatment / YouTube

Swingmill sludge dewatering mechanical process

Video to demonstrate the operation of the Swingmill sludge dewatering screw press from Dewlink Sludge Treatment


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Anaerobic digestion optimization through thermal hydrolysis pre-treatment

Pre-treatment of sludge by thermal hydrolysis upstream of anaerobic digestion is used to improve AD efficiency. A study looked at (pre-)commissioning data for a full-scale AD installation undergoing upgrading with TH to assess the basis for optimisation.

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