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Glossary (R)

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Recirculating bed reactor RBR

Reactor configuration based on a recirculating media bed, usually sand

Recycle ratio

Ratio of the recycle flow rate to influent sludge flow rate in a dissolved air flotation process

Residence or retention time

Period of time the solids or liquid are retained in the reactor

Resource recovery rate

Rate at which an embedded sludge resource (water, nutrients, biogas, etc) is recovered

Return liquors

Liquid stream from anaerobic digestion or sludge solid−liquid separation process returned to the wastewater treatment works inlet

Rotary drum thickening RDT

Sludge consolidation by allowing water to drain through a porous rotating drum

Rotary dryer

See rotating drum dryer

Rotary press RP

Dewatering technology based on a cylindrical vessel housing two slowly-rotating circular screens which are sandwiched together

Rotating cone reactor RCR

Reactor configuration used for fast pyrolysis based on a rotating cone

Rotating drum dryer

Convective dryer based on a rotating drum through which hot air passes axially to dry the sludge particles

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