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Sponsored links

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Sponsored links represent a blended, targeted advertising option on selected pages and are a cheaper option for companies with limited budgets. For most options, no artwork is required, so it can be an easier option for busy clients.

Sponsored links appear in the main body of a standard web page. There is some evidence that blended links can be effective in raising brand awareness as the links appear integrated into the body of a web page.

You choose the specific page(s) that you wish your sponsored link to appear on, subject to availability. You will then have exclusive use of that page for the duration of the booking − no other company will be able to book a sponsored link on that page. You may book sponsored links on multiple pages.

As well as appearing on your selected page(s), your sponsored link will be added to the pot of randomised sponsored links which will appear across all features and blogs for the duration of your booking.

Link styles

We offer the following styles of sponsored link:

A. Text link − standard:

B. Text link − highlighted:

C. Image and text link:

D. Banner link (artwork required):

We will advise you as to which style of sponsored link we think will work best on a page − it is not always the image links that will work best.

Element Details
ExtentIndividual pages − as selected by client, subject to availability
ExclusivityA specific page will only contain sponsored links relating to one client
No of sponsored link stylesFour
Number of sponsored links per pageOne or two, depending on the page content
Links toAny nominated page on your website
Length of booking12 months
Client suppliesLink text, link url and photo image (jpg or png)
Artwork if booking the banner sponsored link
Bear in mind that your image or artwork may be cropped so you may wish to send a selection to see which you prefer
Links included in randomised pot for features and blogs?Yes
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